Due to advancements in technology, managing construction site inventory in Maryland has become much easier. It is the same technology that has made managing fasteners and tools a less-than-a-minute-affair. Here are some of the ways Trilogy Construction Solutions & Consulting carries out construction management in Maryland.

Use Bar Code & RFID Solutions for Construction Management in Maryland

The latest approach that is sure to help construction management in Maryland is the use of RFID- Radio Frequency Identification and barcodes. After scanner software and equipment are applied to integrate the fetched data with monitored inventory, construction firms in Maryland use RFID labels and barcode on their materials to keep track of everything.

Construction Management in Maryland Can Be Used for Any Size Inventory

In Maryland, the objective of professional construction firms like Trilogy is to keep all the pieces of equipment and material and reduces losses that might be incurred. This works quite well in Maryland since “contractors have specialized inventory machinery such as HVAC smart energy components, and power supplies.” The possibility of loss is lowered if everything is accounted for, and if all the equipment and materials have been evaluated. An important construction management note is that having excess materials and equipment can also cause a series of problems to the crew. The only way to identify any excess equipment and if all inventory is accounted for on the construction site is by managing site inventory in an effective manner like RFID labels and applications.

What App Can I Use for Construction Management in Maryland

Mobile apps can also be a great tool for firms needing construction management in Maryland. Both iTunes and Google Play Markets have plenty of inventory scanner apps that can be used for this purpose. Some the following apps could be used as construction management and ways to manage your job site inventory: Assorted Apps for Inventory, Inventory Tracker for Android, and Inventory Scanner. Some of the software on the apps may not be up to the standards of RFID inventory solutions.

Is Scanning Coming to Construction Management in Maryland?

Construction firms in Maryland can now use iPhones or Android devices for several management tasks but also for scanning. Using mobile devices and tablets are becoming a popular and much more affordable way to use a scanner than buying a new scanner. Just double check your phone’s hardware to make sure it is compatible or updated.

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