Speed up Your Construction Project with Construction Project Management Software

The outlook for the construction has been given a lot of attention. Reports given to building design and construction websites have indicated growth in construction projects in the world. Also, employment in the construction management industry has proved to grow faster than the average compared to other jobs. It makes sense, then, that there would be a lot of potential construction project management software options for you to choose from.

What is construction project management?

This is a particular application of project management discipline done on construction project activities that could include residential, institutional, industrial, agricultural, and environmental just to mention a few. The project manager specifies the plans and objectives so as to maximize resource efficiency and develop a successful communication platform.

Construction project management uses tools and applications that automate administration tasks to facilitate planning and scheduling, centralize document management, manage workload assignments and promote real-time communication and issues resolution. Some of the valuable construction project management software includes;


This is a job, invoice, and time management software. It is an end-to-end project management solution which has tools for sales leads, implementation, initiation and the billing phases of the construction project. Its pricing is made on a monthly basis based on the user convenience, and thus it is easy to scale depending on the company’s business load. This software is suitable for architects, surveyor and engineers among others.


It is cloud-based construction project management software made specifically for the construction industry. It uses the latest website technologies so as to provide a secure cloud-based service. Procore uses a one-page dashboard and that way the user can manage many projects and monitor how they are progressing all at once. It has many features including a drawing management tool and a change order system. The pricing depend on how the software is used.


It is web-based project management software that manages communication, documents, budget, and project schedule. Buildtools is suitable for custom builders and re-modelers, and most especially it is built for managing custom projects. You can access it through any website connected device, and any scheduling conflicts will be brought to the builder’s attention. The price rate is offered at a flat monthly rate which applies for projects, unlimited use and document storage.

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