A construction superintendent assumes the responsibility of overseeing all phases of a construction project, from residential homes to commercial buildings, bridges, roads, hospitals, schools and other structures. He/She manages the day-to-day operations of a construction site starting with the basic proposals, worker agreements, managing construction crews, ensuring adherence to state and local codes, inspection of ongoing work, and writing reports to owners or investors.

What Does a Superintendent Do at a Construction Site?

The exact description of the job varies depending on the nature of the project and employer, though certain tasks are common to the occupation. Any business that is looking to embark on construction matters needs the services of a construction site superintendent to keep the project on track. A construction superintendent could be hired internally, meaning that he/she already works for a construction company or consulting group and is often hired at the advice of the project manager.

Role of a Site Superintendent

  • Handles human resource functions
    A construction superintendent conducts interviews and selects workers for the construction site. He/She is also involved in determining and overseeing assignments, resolving conflicts, large or small, monitoring work progress, approving time cards for payroll, and hiring and firing staff.
  • Handles cost-accounting functions
    The construction superintendent is also responsible for both scheduling and budgeting over the course of a project to ensure that they are meeting budget, and if not, determine whether it is possible to make up the difference. They also maintain all records of material and labor costs and track the inventory of supplies and materials to ensure that project materials are ordered and delivered to meet the schedule.
  • Manages construction activities
    The work of a construction superintendent begins with the reading of bid proposals and submitting bids for the firm. Upon acceptance, he is responsible for putting together the required paper work including the building and environmental permits that are needed. He/She also supervises construction foremen, for larger projects and inspects work performed by employees, other contractors, and sub-contractors. Since the construction superintendent is the physical representation of the company, he/she reports to the job site daily and usually has a temporary office there.
  • Reinforces safety practices
    Superintendents are tasked with making sure people understand the safety requirements for each activity they participate in. They should bring attention to the correct safety practices in situations where people are unfamiliar with those practices.

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