In an industry where staying on schedule is pivotal to meeting deadlines and completing work for clients, construction managers have to maintain a level of worksite morale that keeps the construction staff team motivated to see projects through to the end.

Keeping Your Construction Staff Motivated

Construction managers must remember that motivation is contagious. Teamwork is key to success in construction where many moving parts must work together in harmony to get the job done. As a result, motivation fuels productivity and keeps long projects moving along. At times construction crews can struggle with motivation, especially with longer capital projects where you don’t always see progress and immediate results right away. Make your construction staff feel as if they are significant to the entire project. Let them know you value what they are doing and know that it’s not possible without everybody’s daily contribution.

Motivation Keys:

  • Keep workers engaged: With daily production meetings and occasional progress reports, you can show that that you are on top on what they are doing. Keep the team notified of one another’s progress and let them know that their actions have greater merit when working in conjunction with their fellow workers.
  • Lead by example: Keep a positive attitude even on the days where things go wrong. Do not let a minor setback become a lagging problem that affects the timeline of the project or the morale of your crew.
  • Observe: Continuously evaluate your constructions taff and look for ways to keep them more focused and engaged. Rotate tasks and increase responsibility for those you those you feel have become bored with their personal routines.
  • Feedback: Have the occasional feedback session where managers meet with crew to see if they think anything can be done to improve conditions on the site. Ask if they feel there might be a better way to approach their everyday tasks. By listening, you can improve worksite relations and keep people motivated because, again, you must lead by good example.

Research suggests that not all motivation techniques are interchangeable across people or even across industries. That’s why getting to know your employees is important. You must manage several different types of personalities, and the understanding that one method is not the same for everyone is critical. This will aid in your worksite management success and produce a better leader with a better workforce.

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