What is a Due Diligence inspection? Due Diligence is a legal and/or voluntary investigation of a property before acquiring it and/or signing a contract. Due Diligence inspections in Baltimore are important for any first time home or property buyer. We do Due Diligence for commercial and residential properties. There are a few steps as a part of the Due Diligence process that we would like to highlight.

Steps to Due Diligence Inspections in Baltimore

A few of the steps to the Due Diligence inspection process are as follows:

1) Check the Condition of the Property
We send our professional inspectors to review the property for any structural damage or defects, water damages or any significant problems in the property. The inspectors make sure everything on the property is functional and in good condition.

2) Check Surrounding areas and Neighborhoods
To do Due Diligence in Baltimore right is to not only look at the immediate property, but to also look at the surrounding neighborhood and make sure their structures are also in good condition. We check things like the neighborhood amenities, the drainage systems and neighborhood laundry appliances, if applicable.

3) Review recent sales activity and price trends
We complete Due Diligence by reviewing sales activities to see if there are too many sales or resales in one particular are. And if there are, Trilogy might suggest there is an underlying problem and will determine that reason. We also investigate price trends local to that area and surrounding area comps and see if the property value is in an appreciating or depreciating trend.

When you choose Trilogy to complete your Due Diligence inspections in Baltimore, you will receive a report. All reports are easy for our clients to understand. We include only five sections:

  1. Property Condition
  2. Immediate Issues
  3. Potential Problems
  4. Future Concerns
  5. Anticipated Costs

If you are looking for Due Diligence inspections in Baltimore, Trilogy Construction solutions and Consulting is the company for you. We provide efficient, cost-effective, more accessible and comprehensive assessments than all the others. You are guaranteed to get value for your money because we go a step further and make sure you get the best experience.

Contact Trilogy for Due Diligence Inspections in Baltimore

Trilogy also provides ‘Flash Assessments’ to provide quick assessments before bidding to eliminate any element of surprise and cost analysis in situations with tight time frames. Choose Trilogy for property Due Diligence inspections in Baltimore.

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If you want to protect the value of your property or ensure that it is a safe investment, then get in touch with Trilogy Corporation to complete a due diligence inspection today. Trilogy provides comprehensive construction management, property assessments, and other strategies to maintain assets efficiently, invest resources wisely, and increase quality of service.