Electricians are now in high demand. There are some reasons why the market of electricians and related careers has an upward trajectory. Most people, especially millennials, are interested in white-collar jobs, so there simply aren’t enough electricians to fulfill the demand. The average electrician has a skill set that is difficult to find or duplicate.  Interestingly enough, electricians are more in demand than ever – even surpassing the coveted engineer position. For construction management companies in MD, you should look out for and hire an Electrician because they are in high demand.

Electricians Want to Be Hired by Construction Management Companies in MD

Electricians are working more than ever in recent years. It is actually noted that “more than 2/5 of electricians or approximately 42% are working more often than a year ago”.

” ‘There is no surprise there is a high demand for skilled electricians in the residential and commercial space. Given the shortage of skilled trade professionals, we expect the demand for electricians to continue to rise. There are also a number of high tech installations being completed in both housing and commercial construction, but if we cannot fill these positions with skilled workers, there will be many more delays to projects and higher home prices,’ said Mark Klein, co-president of Klein Tools.” These high tech installations are being seen as a trend by many electricians and these specializations can only be installed by someone in this industry. This new trend is making the specialized electrician busier, making it more of a reason to hire an electrician just in case you need a job that requires the use of high tech products in your home or commercial office building.

In other news, there is a pretty big talent shortage when it comes to some specific jobs, with it recently hitting a “seven-year high, with 36% of employers noting that it is particularly difficult to place individuals in specific jobs.” At the top of that list of jobs that are most difficult to fill is the role of the skilled electrician, giving you even more of a reason to hire sooner rather than later.

Why Construction Management Companies in MD Are Insisting In Hiring Electricians Today

So, why should we hire and look for more construction employees to become skilled electricians? With more than “14 accredited construction management companies in Baltimore”, there are plenty of job opportunities in the area. However, we are seeing that some of these companies might be currently ignoring the value of the traditional electrician. The construction management companies in MD should want to know why and what makes an electrician the perfect hire and a value to the company as a whole.

Here are some of the reasons electricians should be hired:

  • Electricians are familiar with the design of lighting systems, intercom connections, streetlights, and correctly wiring electrical work to ensure that it is up and running.
  • Electricians will typically be required to complete several years of training as an apprentice, closely following a mentorship to ensure that they are eligible for state licenses.
  • Most will specialize in a subcategory like installing electrical equipment for buildings, factories, or repairing the electrical grid of neighborhoods and residences.
  • A contemporary electrician is versatile, and is positioned for career success, especially in niches like alternative energy resources.

Trilogy knows that construction management companies in MD should take advantage of this talented pool of electricians to further advance their team. “In 2017, electricians have seen an increase of work in several industries, including manufacturing, construction, and commercial properties”.

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