Hiring younger workers in general, and specifically for construction jobs, has its share of benefits and disadvantages. Most employers prefer to hire young workers because they are smart, energetic and can come with fresh ideas to improve the company. However, there are some considerations when are looking to hire millennial workers.

Advice on Hiring Younger Workers for Construction Sites

To begin: a newspaper ad or word of mouth may not be the best approach to hiring younger workers. Their young age and tech-savvy preferences make social media sites good places to advertise employment opportunities in your company. Also, to find the best millennial candidates for your company, try building mentorship opportunities and encourage workplace feedback. Young workers are most likely starting out on their careers and their ambitious nature sets them out to look for mentorship, so let them know they are progressing well in their career.


Hiring younger workers means incorporating tech into your listing. They consider technology as an important feature of the workplace, and most would say that this access is more important than their salary demands. To attract the best millennial workers, be flexible with technology and social media.

According to research, millennial employees are most likely to sustain injuries at work because most of them feel shy to speak up or do not understand the risks involved. To make the most of working with young people on a construction site, you should:

  • Give millennial employees tasks they can handle
  • Demonstrate high risk works for them
  • Not overload them with information at a time
  • Lead by example
  • Match experienced workers with the enthusiastic young employees.

Construction jobs are tough, but they get tougher and risky with wrong information and tools. If you consider young workers an opportunity in your construction company, then you need to make sure they get the necessary training, have the right information, and receive the support they need at work. Furthermore, when hiring younger workers, ensure that your company focuses on providing mentorship to attract the right enthusiastic workers for the growth of the company.

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