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Construction Company Social Media Matters

For the majority of companies, it is clear that social media is a must-use marketing tool. However, the construction industry is one that has been hesitant to fully embrace all social media has to offer. [...]

  • Construction Site Conflicts - Trilogy Corp.

Construction Site Conflict Resolution

Conflict between workers and management is common in all career fields. On a construction site, however, conflict or confusion can lead to physical injury, damaged buildings, or loss of money. The stressful nature of the [...]

  • Hiring Younger Workers - Trilogy Corp.

Hiring Younger Workers for Construction Can Be Tricky

Hiring younger workers in general, and specifically for construction jobs, has its share of benefits and disadvantages. Most employers prefer to hire young workers because they are smart, energetic and can come with fresh ideas [...]

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Construction Staff Motivational Ideas

In an industry where staying on schedule is pivotal to meeting deadlines and completing work for clients, construction managers have to maintain a level of worksite morale that keeps the construction staff team motivated to [...]

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Experienced Workers Necessary for Construction

In the past couple of years, construction has experienced a recent boom, especially in cities in Texas and New York. However, the safety of construction worker sometimes pays the price as the construction industry grows [...]