Many companies provide Due Diligence inspections as one of their services, but Trilogy’s assessments are significantly more efficient, easier to use, and cost thousands less than inspections provided by others.

Rather than producing a very expensive 50+ page due diligence report filled with a lot of useless data as most inspection companies do, we distill the information into a clear and concise 4-8 page document that contains only the necessary information a perspective buyer is looking for.

CONCISE: Our report provides only the most important and useful information the Owner needs and wants:

  1. Property Condition
  2. Immediate Issues
  3. Potential Problems
  4. Future Concerns
  5. Anticipated Costs

EASY TO USE: Information is presented in a “header and bullet point” format, making it easy to read, understand and retain.

VALUE: The cost of this service is generally half the cost of other due diligence reports.

INFORMATIVE: Costs associated with the findings are tabulated in a spread sheet that is separated into 4 expenditure time frames, providing our Client with a decade of essential and valuable insight prior to making an offer or commitment.

  1. Immediate Costs
  2. Expected Costs in 1-2 years
  3. Expected Costs in 3-4 years
  4. Expected Costs in 5-10 years

FAST: Reports are prepared and presented to the Owner very quickly. Usually within 3 days after the onsite inspection.

AVAILABLE: Trilogy will mobilize and travel to any location in the United States within 48 hours of being retained for the inspection. In doing so the Owner receives his due diligence inspection in about a week of contacting us.

FLASH ASSESSMENTS: Because of our expertise and ability to calculate costs quickly and accurately, some Buyers ask us to accompany them to property auctions to complete a quick assessment prior to the bidding. We can eliminate many surprises and develop general cost analysis even in extremely tight time frames.