The Quality of a property is not limited to just its physical condition. Many Non-Quantifiable components contribute to an Assets’ circumstance. Trilogy Solutions calls these components collectively “THE CULTURE” of the facility.

Properties with an Unhealthy Culture exhibit one or more of the following:

  • Lack of Cleanliness
  • Delays in Service and Maintenance
  • System Neglect
  • Increase in Emergency Repairs
  • Low Quality Unit Turns
  • Increased Violations
  • Inaccurate Documentation
  • Sub-standard Overall Aesthetics
  • Increase in Liability Exposure
  • High Vacancy
  • High Operating Costs
  • Low NOI

Conversely, Properties with a Healthy Culture exhibit:

  • Excellent Appeal and Aesthetics
  • Systems that Run Well and Efficiently
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Work Orders Done Right the First Time
  • High Quality Unit Turns
  • Fewer Violations
  • Accurate Documentation
  • Happy Residents and Families
  • Decrease in Liability Exposure
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Lower Vacancy
  • High NOI

Trilogy Solutions’ Quality, Safety and Systems Assessment (QSSA) is designed to convert an unhealthy property culture into a healthy one, and make a property with an existing positive culture even better. This is accomplished by clearly defining responsibilities and mandating accountability of each staff member. Moreover, because the QSSA is completed on a recurring basis, responsibilities remain clear and reinforced, resulting in permanent accountability.

The QSSA uses our multi-faceted property inspection tool (see property assessments tab) enhanced with additional inspection categories including Occupied Unit Inspections, Work Order Review, Resident/Tenant Interviews, Regulatory Documentation Requirements, and TELS Usage. Once collected and tabulated, we take the results of each inspection category and calculate an overall score for the asset based on the findings at the property. Most Owners that use our QSSA service accept a score of 80% as adequate with room for improvement, and 90% or better the goal.

Once the QSSA is scored, “the bar” for the property is established. Because we return every 6 months to reassess each property, responsibilities are clarified, expectations are understood, and accountability becomes specific and quantifiable. Obviously, no Executive Director or Property Manager wants to have to explain receiving a lower score than the one achieved at the last QSSA, so conscientious, big-picture, pro-active, decisions and actions are instituted and maintained…changing the culture of the asset for the better.

The QSSA is not designed to exemplify what the property staff is doing wrong. It is a tool that provides the opportunity for the staff to understand their strengths, develop plans to eliminate their weaknesses and learn to become a highly functioning, efficient, profitable property. To emphasize this the Trilogy team meets with the Property Manager and the Maintenance Director and review our findings in detail, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and assist them in developing a plan to increase the positive culture of the asset and “raise the bar”.